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Established in 2007, Al-Gosaibi Village is currently one of the top landmarks in Khobar City, an escape where the residents and visitors of AlKhobar City go to enjoy a relaxing in an atmosphere of old European shops, with the bliss of the Arabian Peninsula sea breeze, as it is located near the majestic Arabian gulf sea.
Enjoy our collection of fashion coming from East and West for both men, women and also for our beloved young ones.
Want a snack? or maybe please your sweet tooth?
Unwind with a cup of coffee, maybe some piece of chocolate or an Ice cream at one of our vibrant coffee shops.
a treat for the ladies, a pampering day at our ladies only salon. This all at  Al-Gosaibi Village.
and a taste of inner- beauty, check out the news luxury collection of interior designs for both residential and commercial venues. 
our maybe be a little adventurous and book a flight to your dream vacation through travel agency present in the village.
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